Call the Parish Office:
(905) 884-7006

Entry and Access to Church During Construction

During Construction, the usual entry doors to the church |(that face west) are no longer accessible.  Please enter through the doors on the North Side of the building.  As this entrance opens directly onto the front of the church, very close to the altar, it is important for all parishioners to arrive for mass on…

Scent–Free Worship Environment

In Canada today, more than one in four individuals suffers from respiratory disease. Medical evidence clearly shows that scented products are harmful to the health of sensitive individuals. In sufficient concentrations, scented products may be harmful to those with allergies, environmental sensitivity or chronic heart or lung disease.

Low Gluten Hosts

If you wish to receive the low gluten hosts, please call the office and let the priest know which mass you will attend. Please meet with Fr. Michel before mass to introduce yourself.