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Parishioners seeking a pastoral reference for positions with Ontario Catholic School Boards are asked to first contact the parish office. New teachers are strongly advised to begin the process as early as possible in the Fall for the upcoming school board application cycle.

Pastoral Reference Discernment


  1. A parishioner requiring a Pastoral Reference to accompany an application to a Catholic School Board contacts Our Lady Queen of the World Parish.
  1. The parishioner is given the contact information for Les Miller: rlesmiller@gmail.com.
  1. The parishioner and Les Miller set up a time to meet at Our Lady Queen of the World Parish offices for a Pastoral Reference Discernment conversation.
  1. It is suggested that the parishioner brings a resume or curriculum vitae to the Pastoral Reference Discernment conversation.
  1. The Pastoral Reference Discernment conversation takes place and will looks at:
    1. The process of discernment
    2. Basic information: name, residence, educational status, teaching placements, etc.
    3. Your call to teach in a Catholic school
    4. Where you are in your faith life
    5. Your parish involvement and community involvement.
    6. Possibilities for your faith growth
  1. Les Miller sends an email to Fr. Jojo reporting on the Pastoral Discernment conversation.
  1. The Candidates will introduce themselves to Fr. Jojo at one of our weekend Masses and set an appointment time with him as a follow-up to the conversation with Les Miller. At the time of the appointment the candidates will bring to the meeting
    1. A short (about 300 words) written reflection of why they think they are a good candidate to teach in our Catholic school system. This reflection will be the starting point for a discussion with Fr. Jojo.
    2. Candidates will include their contact information on the reflection piece.
    3. Jojo will contact you about setting up an appointment to see him. If you are not contacted within two weeks, please feel free to contact the Parish to inquire about the status of your application.
    4. Bring with you the Pastoral Reference form (blank) that is issued by the Board you are applying to. Complete your personal information on the form, prior to the meeting.
  1. Jojo will send the Pastoral Reference directly to the School Board Human Resources department.
  1. A confirmation of your participation in this discernment process will be given to you so that it can be included in your application documents.

Some suggested Resources for furthering your journey as a Catholic Educator:

  • The front matter of the Elementary and Secondary Religious Education Curriculum Policy documents.
  • Thomas Groome, What Makes Us Catholic
  • Les Miller, Foundations of our Faith Series
  • carfleo.com (Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators of Ontario)
  • Participation in the Sacramental life of the Parish
  • Participation in Parish adult faith development programs
  • Serve in Parish ministries

November 23, 2020