Ministers of Communion

The Eucharist, is the “source and summit of our Christian life.” During Mass we remember Jesus’ sacrifice and celebrate the sacred mystery in union with Christ and one another.

Just as a meal sustains us physically, we need the Eucharist to sustain us spiritually.

In the simple ritual of giving the Eucharistic bread and cup to one another, the minister of communion becomes the means through whom the spirit challenges us to recognize and to manifest the Body of Christ in all his manners of coming. Those involved in this ministry must recognize the reality of Christ already present in his people gathered, if they are to authentically share with them his presence and the bread and cup.


While this is an extension of the Liturgy of the Eucharist to those who are unable to assemble on the Lord’s Day, these ministers are separate from the ministers of Communion during Mass because their ministry is different and requires special training and support.