In Marriage, Christian spouses reflect the unity and fruitful love which exists between Christ and His Church, and help each other to attain to holiness in their married life and in the rearing and education of their children.

Weddings are restricted to those who live within the parish boundaries.

  1. Only couple who are getting married can make appointments with priest, not parents of friends. Children of parents who live in the parish may be eligible to be married here under certain circumstances. Their eligibility will be determined by the priest according to each individual circumstance.
  2. Dates for weddings are not to be given over the phone. Availability of any given date or month is discussed with the couple during their first interview with the parish priest. Date of marriage must be one year after their first interview. Sometimes circumstances may alter this.
  3. Each couple must attend the Marriage Preparation Course.Weekend courses should be discouraged unless it is the only alternative (i.e. future spouse living in a different city.) Couples who are living together or who are entering a second marriage should be directed to specialized courses downtown.
  4. The priest who conducts the first interview is usually the one who performs the wedding ceremony, unless other circumstances intervene. Only priests who are related (not close friends) to one of the persons being married can be delegated to perform a marriage ceremony here at Our Lady Queen of the World. Others may be invited to concelebrate but the parish priest must receive the vows and give the nuptial blessing.
  5. Music must follow guidelines set out by the pastor. No secular songs are allowed. A list of available musicians from the parish music ministry will be given to each couple.
    Outside musicians and singers may be hired, but must be familiar with the Catholic wedding ceremony and mass.
  6. Discussion about the wedding ceremony will fully be discussed only after the marriage preparation course in completed.