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Through Reconciliation, the faithful obtain pardon from the mercy of God for the offence committed against Him and are reconciled with the Church, which they have wounded by their sins.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available on Fridays from 6-7PM.  Please Call the Parish Office to make alternate arrangements.


  1. This program is part of the First Communion program. In the archdiocese it is recommended that your child must receive First Reconciliation before they can receive their First Communion.
  2. The parish program is open to all valid baptized children of the Roman Catholic Rite who have reached the age of seven whether they are in public, private or separate schools.
    The sacrament should take place in the parish where the family worships and attends most regularly.
  3. First Reconciliation is a sacrament that should be celebrated with the worshiping community and is not therefore a school event. First Reconciliation celebrations take place at services during
    the season of advent.
  4. The preparation for this sacrament takes place in the home by the parents.
    The parents must attend an information and registration meeting at the church and family gatherings.